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Drivers, you're not a U-Haul

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Pax Collector, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. I was leaving my apartment complex earlier today when I saw this poor ant in his shiny Acura MDX helping a lady load a full size mattress, bed frames and a few other pieces of furniture. The most painful part, the lady saying "I won't keep you that long, we're only going to the Goodwill" (Which happens to be a couple of miles away).
  2. Hahahahaha

    Some people are so giving.
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  3. Looking at **** like that hurts, man :eek:
  4. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    Peace on earth, and Goodwill to all ants!
  5. JC17


    Las Vegas
    Arrive at pax location they are moving asked if I could make multiple trips said they would pay me 100$ I said ok cash upfront guess what no cash I said sorry no can do cancel ride before it even started reported to Uber
  6. Yam Digger

    Yam Digger

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  7. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    You should have told the driver that Goodwill has a free pickup service.
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  8. crowuber


    I'll admit one of my first rides in my old Honda CRV was two ghetto guys buying a tv from a goodwill type store. We fit it in the back of my car but not without scratching the plastic inside. The trip was only 1 mile. One of my learning experiences....Never again, like 9/11
  9. There’s a cancel button for a reason, “hint”.
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  10. U Haul PAYS BETTER !



    Bet he DID NOT GET A TIP !
  11. I actually cancelled a ride yesterday. I show up at the home, in a VERY nice neighborhood. I drive a 2017 BMW. The lady comes out of the garage with a huge cart of cleaning chemicals, bucket & mop w/dirty rags hanging off it everywhere dragging a vacuum cleaner. I asked "Do you intend on putting all that in here?" She said: "of course, I'm paying for Uber." I said, not in this car...cancelled the ride and left. I don't have a pickup truck or cleaning service. :/ Pax love to abuse this system.
  12. Haven’t you been informed, yours is not to question why, just do and die. That’s Uber’s motto.
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  13. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    I had a situation like that once. I pulled up on a XL request and in the driveway was 3 huge suitcases, about 100 shoe boxes and four garbage bags.

    AsI started backing out into the street, the front door flies open the Pax comes out yelling at me to stop. I rolled down my window and had one word for the Pax, nope. I think she yelled something about my boss but I was already on my way to another Excel pick up on Lyft at that point.

    I guess I missed an opportunity of getting five star rating
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  14. MHR

    MHR Moderator

  15. The reason everyone hates these rides is because of the low pay. I don’t think they’re bad when the pay is good.,I carried someone’s cargo to Sams Club on a five mile ride, on Lux Black XL. Ride was $50 with a $10 tip for about 30 min of work.
  16. LAWeasel


    Los Angeles
    Made those newbie mistakes in my first week. Ever since then, it's no pickups at home depot, IKEA, etc... and cancel if I arrive at a situation where they want to use my vehicle as a U-haul and me as free labor.
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  17. Yam Digger

    Yam Digger

    I got a pool ping from a Walmart store one evening. On arrival I saw Andrew, a young Hipster type, outside with a shopping buggy with some huge, stacked bins. So huge, a grown man could literally take a bath in one of these. When I saw that I said to myself: “no. No! OH HELL, NO! There is no way I’m going to let you fill up my car with that crap; especially not on a discount fare.“ I pulled up, rolled down my window and asked: “Andrew?” You should have seen his face light up like a New York City Christmas tree. I just rolled up the window, drove off without saying anything else and cancelled the ride. Something tells me I wasn’t the first driver he called for and the previous ones probably also declined and drove away.

    People like Andrew make me lose my faith in humanity just a little bit more each day.
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  18. FLKeys


    FL Keys
    A few months ago I got a ping to do a pick-up at NAPA Auto Parts. Pull into the parking lot and a NAPA employee is standing there with a box. Figured I was taking him home or something. He sets the box in my seat and says thanks the guy is waiting for me. Almost cancelled but hey it was a slow day. Took the part 14 miles and got a decent tip. Added bonus it put into a more productive area for the rest of the day. I guess for me I have no hard set rule. If it is not an over the top request I'll do it.
  19. I also got no problem with something like this.

    But trying to stuff large or heavy items in my vehicle is not going to happen.
  20. Really huh, why do you think Walmart ended their contract withdeliver people’s crap, no one wanted to load their cars with a months worth of shopping, drive a ****load of miles for 7 dollars.

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