Drivers' strategy for coronavirus


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I've been following Steve @lookner on YouTube daily. He does a great job of curating sources for latest updates on the Wuhan Coronavirus during his live streaming daily show.
Some provinces in China just banned all public gatherings or public events. This is "social distancing" to attempt to slow the spread of the virus.
Don't you think an Uber car is like a public gathering?
I'll make a list of suggestions for a strategy to limit drivers' exposure to the virus. Please add your suggestions in the comments.
  • Surgical style face masks. Getting much harder to find. I'll reach for one the instant someone coughs more than once. Windows down.
  • Someone sneezes, there was a good suggestion to crack the sunroof, which sucks air out instead of blowing it around.
  • The above suggestion can work better when fresh air is coming in through the AC vents to be drawn out through the sunroof.
  • Lysol to disinfect commonly touched surfaces every shift. Seat belts, door handles, common locations where hands are placed.
  • More fist bumping and less shaking hands
  • Pay attention when touching items a passenger has touched
  • Be certain your hands are disinfected before rubbing your eyes or otherwise touching your face
  • ?
wear N95 mask while driving pax around. If you wait until they cough, you will get infected.


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It feels like it may be about time to do just that. With healthy carriers it's no longer safe to wait until the coughing and sneezing.