Drivers: Say Goodbye to Surge Zones on the app? Maybe!

Do you think Uber might stop showing drivers surge zones and multipliers in the driver app?

  • Yes. It's an evil plan.

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • No. Uber still wants us to drive towards surge areas.

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  • Not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised

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  • Don't care about surge. I take every ping.

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Lost In Translation

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My partner app hasn't shown any surge since last night, I've been using my pax app to track surge
I saw no surge here in San Francisco starting at 5 pm and continuing for 4 hours. I went home because I refuse to drive for the money losing base rate. It's now 10:15 and no sign of any surge anywhere.

I think we might be seeing the end of surge zones displayed on the partner app..

This is starting to make sense. I had an Uber engineer in my car. Asked about surge. He told me surge is now being calculated on a micro level. For example, within a few blocks of the location of the ride request.

The Uber guy implied that big changes were coming to the partner app as it relates to surge.

What if the days of seeing large areas of surge on the partner app map were over? No more yellow, orange, and red. What if surge could pop up anytime, anywhere?

Remember, the original purpose of the surge maps was to get drivers to go to areas of high demand. But now drivers literally are everywhere.

And the actual real purpose of surge wasn't financial at all but simply to make sure the customer experience stays high with minimal waiting time. Surge was simply a tool to moderate demand to bring it in alignment with supply. Uber doesn't care if the driver makes more money driving surge. Surge is simply a tool to manage customer expectations, so pax will always get a ride quickly. Pax never factor in the time waiting for surge to end into their total wait time. So the perception is rides come fast once the request button is pushed.

What if Uber now has so many drivers on the street, that there is no need to tell the driver where the surge areas are. If the driver has no idea what the demand is, he cannot choose to pass up a ride hoping to get a surge ride next, simply because he is in a surge zone. There will be no more surge zones. The driver will not have a clue. Only the pax sees the surge and decides if he is willing to pay more to get a ride quickly.

The driver will be blind to surge. It will pop up with the individual ride request but the driver will not have any idea in what part of the city it is happening on a large scale. Or the extent. 1x, 1.2x, 1.3x etc. And there will be no pattern to it.

So now, the driver cannot cherry pick the surge. He must take every ping and just hope he gets some surge in the mix. You will drive for the base rate most of the time. And have no good idea what neighborhood to head towards.

This is what I think we were seeing tonight. The end of surge zones for the driver.

Try to protest that! Passengers hate surge and won't support drivers who relish getting surge fares.

As a driver, you will accept every shitty base rate ride just hoping you hit the jackpot with a surge fare.