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Drivers narcing on pax?

Discussion in 'News' started by Mista T, Jul 10, 2018.

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  2. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Laughable. Fat chance Uber is going to actually deactivate a customer short of murder.
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  3. Z129

    Z129 Moderator

    As much as I dislike these numbskulls who get in our cars, I do respect their right to privacy. Give me no problems and what happens in the car stays in the car.
  4. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    Yeah, clicking buttons and writing **** is all it takes to make peoples lives more complicated. Lyft is gonna get more druggies now!
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  5. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    LOL, uh oh.....
    This news agency is displaying a photo that depicts a "worried working white boy" ratting out a "disgruntled black female passenger on drugs."
    I can already hear cries of "racism" and "unfair stereotyping!"
  6. Z129

    Z129 Moderator

    Uh.. she isn't the one who looks like the druggie in this photo. And why is NOBODY wearing seat-belts?
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  7. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    Because the white boy is getting ready to bail out of car, ROFL!
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  8. No seat belts = lower ratings, right Dara?

    As long as they wear seat belts, who cares about the drugs....
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  9. Z129

    Z129 Moderator

    As far as I am concerned, yes - who cares about the drugs. I don't need some unbelted idiot flying in to me in the event of an accident. That's my priority.
  10. Nonya busy

    Nonya busy

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  11. Lol happens to me EVERY DAY, I'm used to it. Day or night, doesn't matter. Not much different than chugging a beer and jumping in.
  12. HolikDad


    Fresno, CA
    Pretty much every day I have one or more riders who really smell of weed. I don't say anything though in my head I'm thinking "Have you not heard of edibles?". It's because I don't know if the rider was smoking it or was in the house or wherever with the actual smoker. This is why I carry a small bottle of Febreeze and I roll the windows down after I drop them off and they can't see me anymore.
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  13. RockinEZ


    San Diego
    I have had PAX get in the car and just reek of good skunk bud.
    I had to air out the car and get out the Fabreeze after that ride.

    In CA it is no big thing now that the laws have changed.
    As long as they don't spark one up in the car I am OK with pot in the car.
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  14. I've transported 4 fairly large plants for a pax coming from a dispensary.
    It's legal. I don't care.
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  15. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
  16. Not only caucasian but a caucasian with BLUE eyes
  17. If it's weed..

    Honestly.. Stoners are SOOOO much easier to deal with than drunk people.

    Drunk people= 2/4 of my incidents involving the police, 1/1 incidents involving paramedics, all but one puker incident ever. (one time it was a kid who was projectile vomiting blue slurpee... thank the flying spaghetti monster i didn't have to clean that up.

    Stoners= 0 incidents of ANY KIND

    The worst i've had a stoner do was taco bell crumbs all over the back seat, but that's like 5 minutes of cleanup up IMHO.
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  18. I used to carry large amounts of weed, flowing plants, trimming equipment when I had my warehouse a year ago running a medical grow.
    Sometimes on hot days you can still get a Whiff.
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  19. A few weeks back I had a rider from the hills of Ridgefield. Got in the car with a small greenish-black bag and it smelled of some high quality herb, very pungent.

    Goes on to tell me he is a grower and is on his way to PDX to barter a car with his bag-o-product. Nearly got high just smelling the raw, cut stuff.

    His secret was safe with me.
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  20. Daisey77


    I like how they're using the term narc. Why is it narcing? When a driver reports a passenger for illegal activity or policy violation, we are called Narcs. Yet when a passenger reports a driver for illegal activity/policy violation, it's referred to as a complaint. They make it seem so much worse when we do the reporting, as if we shouldn't. The horror! :eek::rolleyes:

    I also like how in the email stated if he received MULTIPLE reports, his account COULD be reviewed and he MAY lose his access to the platform. Which we all know the chance of that happening is slim to none. yet he still felt the need to go to social media to defend his illegal activity based on an email that we all know is procedural and it'll never happen. LoL he should have just . . . let it go!:)
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