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Drivers have filed a lawsuit against New York ride-hail player Juno for securities fraud



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Good! At least it will be a headache for scumbags Juno Official (aka Travis 2.0)

The original FAQ for the RSUs lol
technically they can be held responsible as 1) if they are found to have intentionnally misled the drivers, 2) drivers were notified only after they deal went through they were suppose to be notified how the rsu were going to work before the deal. If on these two counts drivers win damages can be won but how much will be determined by the judge (sorry looks like jury according to case document).
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lol. they didnt read the rsu contracts. even if they win, they aint winnin much
Now see folks. This person and all who “Liked” this ignorant comment are just plain “haters”. Theses are the people on this forum who work for the apps. They are not drivers! You guys and gals have to see this! They spew negativity at anything someone does to try and get justice.