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Drivers forcing pax to cancel non profitable trips.


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This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. He says people cancel before they show up because the ride is too cheap, A driver has no way of knowing the amount of the ride or where they are going until they start the ride

But I do think the $10 cancellation fee in NYC is too high.


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That's more than 4 times the minimum fare in my area. Plus if a driver tries to cheat you and the next one does too because they won't show up and want you to cancel that's $20 plus the cost of the next ride.
Two things:
  1. New York drivers don't drive in Fort Myers. Their costs, both regulatory and vehicle, are much higher than ours in Florida, and their rates reflect that.
  2. If a pax complains about a cancellation fee, Uber will refund it immediately.