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Drivers doing Uber 's dirty work


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Uber X steals money from all the other platforms. Black cars are making 50 % less than before , select cars and sitting idle or forced to take X fares. Cabs watch us zip past them with their would be fares. The dirty secret is you are a pawn in this Uber world. Don't be surprised when your tires are cut, windows broken, car keyed. You could be assaulted , harassed, run off the road at any moment. This is a sad but true reality. Uber just tells you life changing money is available! I didn't want my life or car changed or destroyed by Uber.


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RainbowPlate said:
Must be a full moon tonight.
Not until the 27th in the central time zone, Northern Hemishpere Then the moon will at its closest time to the earth and will be a "super blood" moon with an eclipse.
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