Driver you better watch yourself before you wreck yourself.


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Here's the deal. I dropped some paxes off at the port of Long Beach at one of the cruise ships.:wink:

The port workers, who direct traffic, told me to watch my step because they been taking a lot of Uber drivers tags cuz they drive crazy when they drop pax off at the port.:eek:

It was a sweet ride cuz I couldn't find the port, so a $40 ride turned into to $60.YaY:p

You've been warned:p


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I dropped someone off at the helo parking's no picnic navigating the docks there. Signage sucks, I can see how drivers get confused.


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As soon as I hit the port, one of the workers warned me.
screw them. They can't do shit. Cops aren't gonna do anything they don't witness themselves... and good luck to the dock workers contacting uber support. Can't wait for them to try to decipher uber supports response.


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No. More likely than anything, the dock workers would take law into their own hands. Old school "tough guy" attitude down there.