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Driver who stabbed pax has charges dropped

Discussion in 'News' started by Mista T, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Mista T

    Mista T Well-Known Member

    No charges filed against Lyft driver accused of stabbing passenger
    • City News Service
    • 2 hours ago

    SAN DIEGO — The District Attorney’s Office Tuesday declined to file charges against a Lyft driver who, according to San Diego police, stabbed a passenger in the chest during an argument on where to be dropped off.

    Ali Kendirli, 33, was arrested in the early morning hours of July 1 in Linda Vista and was released after posting bail.

    Without elaboration, D.A.’s spokesman Steve Walker said his office was “declining to file charges in the matter.”

    Police said Kendirli was driving three people who could not give a location where to be dropped off at 1:16 a.m. During an ensuing argument, Kendirli told the three passengers to get out of the car in the 6100 block of Caminito Del Oeste, according to police, who alleged that the dispute escalated and Kendirli allegedly stabbed one of the passengers
  2. Z129

    Z129 Well-Known Member


    When the driver says get out, get out.
  3. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber Well-Known Member

    United States
    Fortunately for the driver, he was able to defend his life against these 3 paxholes.
    Unfortunately for the driver, Uber will deactivate him for defending his life against these 3 paxholes.
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  4. Mista T

    Mista T Well-Known Member

    Lyft will for sure. No weapons, even if your life is in danger.

    If he is lucky Uber won't waste time looking to see if he is on their platform.
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  5. Skepticaldriver

    Skepticaldriver Well-Known Member

    Milky way
    Imho. For those not willing to trade blows or bust a cap. A kimber pepper blaster works really well. Probably my go to over say a kershaw
  6. FormerTaxiDriver♧

    FormerTaxiDriver♧ Well-Known Member

    This Lyft driver does well without carrying weapons to work.

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  7. Z129

    Z129 Well-Known Member

    If Uber/Lyft were to publicly issue drivers pepper spray, I wonder how it would impact passenger behavior, if at all?

    I find the idea of stabbing somebody a bit disturbing. I'm grossed out by spilled innards.

  8. the surge within me

    the surge within me Well-Known Member

    Good for the driver.
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  9. Kodyhead

    Kodyhead Well-Known Member

    Broward Couny, FL
    Pretty sure uber and Lyft issued pepper spray would just spray driver referral codes on walls in hot sauce
  10. uberdriverfornow

    uberdriverfornow Well-Known Member

  11. Stevie The magic Unicorn

    Stevie The magic Unicorn Well-Known Member

    North of Disney, West of Orlando
    Self defense?

    Dash camera?


    I'm shooting someone...

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