Driver to Driver Rant.


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If you are a white(caucasian) male driver, around age 50, driving silver Toyoto Camry at DCA on Saturday evening.
There is a speed limit of 25mph, dont stop in the middle of the turn and then shake your fist at me. I have a line of cars behind me waiting on your slow ass.

If you cant drive, get off the road.

And dont be a punk, running away from me in to the back of the parking lots dark corner.

Next time, be a man and talk to me, ill gladly buy you a cup of coffee.


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If I got a nickel for every time I saw other Uber drivers doing something stupid, I'd be able to buy Travis out.

Seriously maybe it's just because I'm more aware of it since starting Uber, but invariably when I see someone do something stupid, it's a late model sedan with the cell phone dash mount & the ubiquitous U in the back pax door window...
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