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Driver surge, no pax surge

Discussion in 'Jacksonville' started by JaxBeachDriver, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. image.jpg Almost every time I log in, it shows surge for a brief time on the partner app. Never shows on pax app. Dissipates after a few seconds/minutes anyway.
  2. I've noticed that they no longer surge black when XL & X are surging. The UberBlack guys downtown were in favor of this observation, one mentioned to me that riders might be more open to use black if XL & X are surging. I've personally had a few rides that I would have expected to be surge, when in fact they were not so much so that I asked the forum last week to clarify that drivers can still see the surge numbers on a request when it's coming in. There is a delay in surge showing up on the rider app, but I had to write in a few times recently asking them, hey? wasn't this surge? Of course, I was told I was wrong and that surge never applied.
  3. I was pissed about surge on black, too. I'm glad they stopped doing it. I think if the price of X goes close to or above the price of black, they should maybe surge black slightly. I've noticed that people typically just switch to Lyft when uber surges.
  4. Agreed. It would be great if Lyft would figure out that Riders are jumping over to Lyft at surge and then put their multiplyer (Prime) into place as well.
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