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Will you strike in your city for higher wages and better conditions

  • Yes

    Votes: 130 75.6%
  • No

    Votes: 42 24.4%

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^^^^^ It works but the drivers don’t think collectively and just think about the next hour not the goal of the strike then it’s doomed as was clearly demonstrated in Melbourne. Drivers can’t do their own app because Uber and other rideshare companies know how to do marketing and have learned to take advantage of drivers (who don’t strike in meaningful numbers).


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^^^^^ It works but the drivers don’t think collectively and just think about the next hour not the goal of the strike then it’s doomed as was clearly demonstrated in Melbourne. Drivers can’t do their own app because Uber and other rideshare companies know how to do marketing and have learned to take advantage of drivers (who don’t strike in meaningful numbers).
"know how to do marketing" is the key.

Will a strike, or more appropriately a protest, ever work without marketing? I doubt it. The drivers need to contribute to a real "association" that gets the problems we have out to the public. Not a union, an association that has our backs, that works with the news media, does social media marketing, etc.

The public has no clue what the split is between the rideshare companies and the drivers is. They simply look at the bill and assume that we get all or most of the money. How do I know? I ask and educate them.

The public does not realize what our actual operating cost are. No one is telling them.

I could go on and on, but unless you get "activists" involved, and that requires marketing to them. Change will be slow, if at all possible.

I'm not driving today. I have business that I can take care of out of town. I go twice a month anyway, and I simply scheduled it for today. Most drivers don't have that option.

Get the marketing in place, that's how you will get organized enough to actually get dialogue going with the rideshare companies.

Adjuster Mike

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No Uber for me today. I said I am going to stand for this and I am. I don't care what I could make, I stand with all of the partners that are standing.


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Well just imagine if large number of drivers actually shot down the app, or better leave app on but decline all pings on IPO day. Uber's worst nightmare becomes reality. It would shake its core.
How do you think Wallstreet would react.
You never know anything is possible. Karma and nirvana simultaneously.
Keep tweets, forums light up, email blasts, word of mouth. Hey call yellow vests.
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Here's a slogan for the strike.
No matter what I'm standing down, staying home today. We deserve more, better and we need to be heard some way.
  • Uber will price its IPO at the midpoint of its target range or below, a source familiar with the matter told CNBC.
  • Uber set a price range of $44 to $50 per share for its IPO in an updated filing last month.
  • Uber is expected to price its shares Thursday and start trading on Friday.
CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was offered a steep incentive to keep Uber's valuation up once it goes public, according to a recent report from The New York Times. Sources told the Times that if Uber's valuation remains above $120 billion for 90 consecutive days, Khosrowshahi will gain net stock bonuses topping $100 million.



hahahha, look at all the <4.8 drivers who sop up all the spoon fed 4.9+ allstars leftovers!!! strike all you want lol!! Im gonna keep raking in my guaranteed $30+ /hr haha not bad for no skills and workin anytime I want!!!

for those of you who don't get it yet. If you dont have a nice car, looks, persona, driving skill, haircut, etc, to get a good rating, uber WILL NOT give you rides unless they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.

handsome young 20 something chad/stacy who can drive with a 2015+ year vehicle and 4.9 star rating? Guaranteed $30+/ hr

Stop complaining and get with the program, its called COMPETITION people.
come on man, this forum is to help each other and speak the truth


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Lyft stock has plummeted today. That's a sign that maybe the strike is working. I'm not working.
I think that’s market forces don’t read too much into it. Believe me a want a strike to work. Maybe 10% to 20% will strike but that won’t be enough to change things. Be realistic a lot of drivers will say there interested but many won’t follow through. I experienced that first hand so please learn from my mistake and don’t waste your time.


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as a dues paying member in good standing for 42 years in the Teamster's Union I know what strikes produce. Good wages, good benefits, better working conditions. He is the man who will not participate in a strike, but will he not be first in line to reap the benefits? Hopefully you will join with your brothers and sisters on May 8th. MAKE IT A DAY UBER NEVER FORGETS.
My friend, Teamsters is a whole different ballgame. Rideshare has deliberately kept us separate and apart from one another. Strikes will produce nothing because drivers are a dime a dozen . . . actually, NOBODY is important and nobody cares if you strike. It worked in the 60s, 70s, until 20-something. GET IN PEOPLE's FACES. Where are their faces? IN THEIR PHONE. TWITTER, a banner that moves across your phone face - Go where your audience is. Don't screw up their day; just get in their face!!! Signed, An old hippy-freak who's STILL a hippy-freak.
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Collective bargaining works. The birth of a new industry, unregulated by moral precedent merits organization of collective bargaining and IMHO, they take too much to be sitting back doing nothing. With the ratio climbing against drivers, we should consider pooling efforts to develop our own app and offer competitive rates and the political platform of being “for the people.” We could call it ProP (pro populi).
The part you're missing is the political glad-handing. Uber has launched Uber Movement Speeds. It is a program where Uber "assists" urban planners with mobility challenges. How much political clout do you think it took to land that one? You can't give competitive rates - crunch the numbers. Staying legal, gas, insurance, City, State, Airport payments - can't beat Uber. They're the rideshare everyone loves to hate. And I'm all over it - the infuriate me!!
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... just got a UBEReats order....but I decided the restaurant is closed....the next order ....what to do ....what to do?


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Interestingly most people don't have any idea of what Uber means. Uber the Übermensch. The master race.
One of their founders was German.

I am sorry to disappoint you here. A simple Google Translate will show what Uber means


If you believe Uber comes from Ubermensch, then Super comes from Superman? No.


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One of my partners just told me that Wallstreet Journal will do full coverage. Waiting for our press release hours before IPO.
Here’s one extremely helpful thing about posts on UP. We can still read your empty boasting.

We’re still waiting to see the “press releases” about your imaginary super secret digital network that will take down Uber.

And of course a link to your “WSJ full coverage” would be fantastic. I mean it would be a fantasy. :wink:

You have provided zero proof of your bragging so you have zero credibility Mr. Big Hat No Cattle. About the only three things that you’ve proven are.

1. You’re obsessed with Uber.

2. You look down on people including liberals you’re trying to recruit in your attempts to hurt Uber.

3. You’re an angry driver.