Driver security, needs improved


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How do we know if we are picking up a passenger when the name appears in another language in what appears to be hieroglyphics? I received a request that I canceled because I did not know what the letters meant for the passengers name. I contacted Uber and they are sending it over to their help team but why would they send a driver request with a name in another language in hieroglyphics is that I could not identify if it is a male or female?
Or even be able to verify if I have the right passenger? photo..and no way to decipher....a language to confirm if I have correct passenger...
Am I the only one to experience this? I've gotten two or three requests in the past few months that have been like this and I do not accept them. Thoughts?
When you're working in Cincinnati , you certainly expect everything to be translated in our language.... Or in any US city for that matter.


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Hello and welcome to the forums! I know Mason because my cousin lived there. You might get more of a response if you post in one of the main forums, such as advice, complaints, or stories.