Driver Savings, Proper Insurance, and Pizza!


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Hey everybody,

I've been driving for Uber downtown Toronto for 14 months now with a 4.84 driver rating. For a while I've been wanting to create a driver group where we come together and save money on various expenses while protecting ourselves with PROPER insurance.

I recently (March 2016) got into an accident on an Uber ride. Thankfully no one was hurt, but over $5000 in vehicle damages!! I really didn't know what to do. I'd love to share my story to help prevent any of you from going through what I went through. Also, I have some great ideas where we can work together to save more money while we Uber.

I'm looking to start a group meetup downtown Toronto. If you're interested in participating, feel free to sign up at the link below and I'll get in contact with you with more details.

Group sign up form (copy and paste the link below):

All Uber drivers are welcome


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I have been driving for almost one year with nearly 3000 completed trips. On april 2nd I got into an accident while transporting two uber pool riders. the accident could have been worse. I was going north on a green light and a taxi cab was coming from west did not stop on a red light and collided with me. luckily no one got injured but my car damaged. it estimated over $2000. i reported to police that i was driving alone. i did not tell them i was ubering. so i got covered. the rider report the accident and uber wait-listed me! next day uber insurance adjuster call me to see if there was any injury. and the guy took time and explained me that be careful. uber doesnt cover your insurance and if your insurance company knows they wold deny your insurance. uber say you need to have sufficent/appropriate coverage. so it's your responsibility to make sure you have appropiate coverage. also good thing he said that they dont share information with your insurance company. they keep everything confidential. now