Driver Saturation


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Do you believe the Uber passenger app is accurate? It seems like every time I look to logon, there are drivers EVERYWHERE. Are you finding that your income has dropped significantly regardless of when you drive?


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I read somewhere if you drive an Uber ride less than 10 miles you are losing money. Many cities are getting less than New Orleans. I guess they are including wear and tear on your vehicle, deadhead miles to and from pickups, Gasoline , Insurance, Maintenance (oil changes, tires,etc,) and let's not forget the value of our time. I made $21 last week, week before I was in Florida and so far this week $116 Uber has become a Hobby for me. Forgot to mention the $648 for a pair of rear wheel bearings. New tires are next, and sway bar bushings from the New Orleans Lunar Landscape they call streets.