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As we all know, the more that we are on the road, the higher the chance of something happening.

A couple of weeks ago my worst nightmare nearly happened. The only thing that saved me was being alert, knowing what vehicles were behind me or next to me in the other lane, and always having a 360 degree view on what was happening around me. This is called spatial awareness, and truly it is really the most vital thing we as drivers need at all times. And of course a load of luck.

Travelling with a pax, west to east up Goulburn St, in the outside lane, between Dixon and Sussex St. It was very busy with traffic and pedestrians being the weekend. As you would be aware the lanes are quite narrow in this section of road, not much leeway should something happen. Coming up to the Sussex St intersection, lights were green so started to move up to the crossing, footpath on the left was crowded with people, suddenly there was a movement, it was a group of Irish looking guys, roughhousing, all of a sudden someone was pushed or tripped backwards. The man’s neck and head fell backwards over the gutter onto the road, about a meter in front of me. Simply Horrifying Vision, braked and swerved, luckily I knew that I had a bit of wriggle room on my right. If I had not known what was next to me, and not been alert to my surroundings, this lads head would have been crushed and smashed.

The pax saw this and was as initially as horrified as I was; thankfully she was more pragmatic than I, and assured me that all was ok. As she said, he was Ok and nothing happened.

I must admit I was very shaken by this incident and the potential of something truly horrific happening. I could think of nothing worse that hitting a pedestrian – a human being. This is not something that I could not easily live with.

So my warning to all of you is to stay alert at all times, slow down, both hands on the wheel, know what is going on around you, use your mirrors at all times, no matter how bored witless you may be.
It may save your life, as well as others lives.


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That would be my worst nightmare as well.
Well done for being alert and reacting as quickly as you did. Hope you weren't too shaken up! Take care out there, y'all!


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Always be aware of your surroundings when driving, anticipate the unexpected....

Use your peripheral vision....


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If there is time to make a decision, I would not swerve and cause a collision. I would just brake. In reality, no one knows how they will react until one is actually put in that position. Anyone would be upset seeing people hurt, but people should bear the consequence of their actions.


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Thank you for sharing, it will be everyone worst nightmare if it happened regardless driver fault or not.

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Irish looking guys, roughhousing

Lucky you have superhero-like awareness and vision to not only avoid this collision + be aware of what's coming behind and beside you, but you also had time to identify the potential nationality of these individuals.
Maybe they were Scottish or Welsh or English or Australian or Canadian or American or South African. Why pick Irish?