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Driver safety vs. rider privacy and liability

Nicholas Bailey

New Member
In light of the Taco Bell exec who assaulted an Uber driver in LA. I would like to see what local San Antonio drivers are doing to make sure you are covered liability wise in case of a similar incident, be it disruptive / unruly / passengers etc.

Do you carry any form of protection? Do you take video or stills in case of emergency or to fight bogus claims against you?

If so, how do your passengers react?


My husband and I discussed this....we haven't made enough to of set the cost of a recording device yet. But in the way of being recorded they are getting into your car....they have no reasonable expectation of privacy. heres a quote about that: "Under US Law, there is something called reasonable expectation of privacy which means that under certain circumstances filming someone is illegal when it is reasonable to expect that you would not be recorded. In public you are legally allowed to record someone without their permission as being in public it is not reasonable to expect that level of privacy. Furthermore, if you get into someones car,Uber or not, they have a right to record you. It is their property and you have no reasonable expectation of privacy as you do not own the car and it is not an area where it is illegal to film (like a bathroom)."

i know thats not what you specifically asked but just throwing that in there.

but as far as protection goes...since the day i started driving i have had an old axe handle on the floor between my seat and my driver door. I do not remove it when I uber. I have had ONE passenger say something about it and it was that he thought I should hide it because people might not like seeing it. I guess a gun in the glove box is a better idea?! hahaha

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