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Driver Rating Protection not working


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When ever I got a low rating I never got a reason .like uber says pax needs to do. So I think it's all bs .if a pax give us anything other than a 5 they should have to give a reason. Or else how can we improve if we don't know what we did to get a low rating.


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Worked for me too...


.....and I know exactly who the pax was....

Now where to put that flaming bag of dog shit....


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The problem with that is all low ratings I've got in the last few weeks the paxs have never given a reason so that's BS. They shouldn't take a low rating from a pax without a reason that would be protection


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a very high percentage of riders do not rate the drivers.
those non-rated trips should be given an automatic 5-star to counter the invalid 1-stars that pax give without reason
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