Driver pays for pax fraud?


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Recently one our forum members (biozon) had his fare reversed because the passenger claimed they never took the ride.

From my understanding it was a substantial fare and Uber has record of biozon picking up the pax and dropping them off at their destination

Uber is refusing to pay because of the passengers claim.

Has this happened to any other drivers on the forum? How have you handled it?


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To be more precise, what Uber actually has is a record of is:
  • the car arriving at the pickup location,
  • the trip being started,
  • the car driving to the designated destination,
  • the driver swiping 'complete trip'
It is not possible to draw any conclusions from the limited information provided in the O.P.

The situation may have happened exactly as described, but it is not difficult to imagine countless alternate scenarios. Each one, equally plausible. Here's one:
  • driver arrives at the pickup location, begins timer
  • four minutes later driver calls pax, only to be told 'Be out in two minutes'
  • drier responds in a cheerful voice ( but through gritted teeth) 'no problem, where are we going today?' pax answer - 'airport'
  • driver decides to begin the trip thinking at least he will get something for the time spent waiting
  • ten minutes later, still no pax. Driver calls again. Pax- ' really sorry, be out as soon as we can.
  • Really pissed now, and not even able to get the cancellation fee because he started the trip, driver decides to ' ghost-ride' the pax. Something he read about on the UPN forum.
I'm not saying that, or anything like that, is what happened. I'm just saying that people try to game the system. Drivers, riders and Uber alike.

Not a rah-rah Uber guy, just want more information before I judge...... anyone.


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Well, all that is for Uber to investigate and take action accordingly,however it may take a bit of time and patience from the driver. He must keep following up with uber on a daily basis. Uber refunds the pax a measly change to keep them happy and using their service and eventually reimburse the driver from their pocket after a satisfactory investigation. It's something they deal with multiple times a day. If the driver was crooked then he will be rewarded by a farewell.


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Uber is supposed to only be a technology vendor here, the company seems to be overstepping its bounds by refunding money which doesn't belong to them.

I can certainly understand where a customer might have a legit dispute, but Uber's fingers are going where they don't belong. The customer can certainly contest the charges in writing with their credit card company, or file a claim in court, to recover their money if they think they were done well- but this seems out of bounds to interfere, touch someone else's money and make a judgment between 2 parties.


It happened to me before. Pax complained that i took the wrong route which i didnt so they decided to wipe out my earning without my knowledge. After about 15 support tickets and threatening em with legal consequences, i got paid.

SMH Uber

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It happened to me. After I complained to them and mentioned that they refunded the money 2 weeks after the ride happened. And I didn't have an opportunity to refute pax claim. It was a coincidence that I saw the debit. I went several rounds with the representatives to get my money back. I too threaten a lawsuit.

They gave me back my money stating that the pax claim was not given in time. Pax have 48 hrs to make a claim. I guess the technicality saved me. I installed a dash cam...So that wouldn't happen again.

Eventually, Uber will be sued for this practice of not informing drivers when they debit money and not give driver reason or opportunity to show proof. Uber is definitely a Pax siding company. Never puts the driver first. Uber's belief are guilty, until proven innocent. And, whatever the customer says is gold.

I can't wait for the next class action lawsuit. They deserve every bad thing that is coming their way