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Driver own app

Discussion in 'New York City' started by X2000, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. X2000


    New York
    Hey guys I figure it’s about time We start the ball rolling for this it’s gonan take a while and gonna be a road to get there but I encourage anyone to join the slack channel below.

    Idg and non idg member are welcome any tlc driver is welcomed who wants a driver owe app.

    I need some admins who has time to add people from Facebook groups and so on let’s make a big channel.

    When you join just look for my name.

    Any mods reading this I just trying to help uberpeople by haveing some sorry if channel like what’s app that supports all the drivers.

    Please only nyc divers each market is different can be added at a later time.


    The goals are simple get drivers in one big chat room.

    Find a way to band with each other and make a driver app any background in IT will help.

    Make a app and only charge enough to keep the app running and make improvements.
    Driver keeps rest.
  2. Alex The Great

    Alex The Great

    New York City
    This is pretty much what Juno does.
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  3. X2000


    New York
    Yea but they keep the stock and we got nothing .... so only does not say much about them
  4. Jc.


    The same will happen with any new app, who is gonna keep the stocks.? Or are they going to be divided among all drivers? If so who pilot the boat?
  5. no stock. private company, pilot (begining no ceo, only tech officer to keep balls rolling later election of ceo, and other officers elected for drivers, then can file as LLC. min qualifications termed etc those are logistics we can easily work out few sit downs.
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  6. X2000


    New York
    Have not got that far let’s get enough people in the chat frist and see how it goes.

    My idea would be we all all own a little of the action and you get paid more the more you drive and perhaps a refer program.

    Where each ride pax tax you get a extra cut.

    What he said is the right idea.

    All drivers will get stock if we get to that point.
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  7. X2000


    New York

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