Driver in Atlanta


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I have been driving since January of 2019, and use a 2018 Jeep Renegade 4x4 (Non-Trailhawk) for my vehicle. It has a black cloth interior which has made it easier to clean.
I drive to get out of the house, and frankly to meet people along the way. I enjoy the driving, as it has allowed me to see changes to the Atlanta landscape that I would normally not see.

Sure we have come across a few nimrods so far, but the Owl Camera reminds them they are being recorded. Only one demanded I turn the camera off or away, at which point I drove 10 or so feet, hit the cancel ride and told said idiot to leave. He was about to argue, but I waved at a nearby cop and the guy jumped out an ran, which attracted the cop attention who chased him down. Cop asked what was the beef about, I told him the guy did not want to be on my camera. Cop said, no problem, he's going to get a muggy today and handcuffs got busy really quick. I drove off, and waved. Cop did the same. Never did learn why the guy bolted and not wanting to be on camera.

I do Uber on the weekends, but early mornings after getting off, I head towards the house while online and now frequently pickup three women riders who are on my route home. It helps I am in uniform (security) that has made them feel comfortable. It can be an easy $30 morning.

I am ex-military, US Navy veteran. Worked in law enforcement as a corrections officer and as a communications officer too. In the security field I have worked in a variety of environments from office complexes to warehouses. I work as a overnight supervisor.

In my line of work I have had to use Google Voice translator, and have used it a couple of times with some Chinese pax's. Really nice tippers.

I treat the pax as well as possible, customer service can go a long way. I have bottled, water, tissues, and yes even some candy along with charging cables for a variety of phones.

I have seen my share of crazy, but still enjoy the driving.