Driver destination in los Angeles now 2


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Next los angeles


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Yep and I just tried to accept two pings and it wouldn’t let me. It does the wave thing when I tap it but doesn’t accept the ping.


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Uber, you @@@@ing suck monkey nuts and you're all pieces of rotting ass meat!

The one singular thing you've done to better your drivers' experience and because it isn't suiting YOU, it's ending.

You're a bunch of evil @@@@s and I truly hope you all have horrible karma for the remainder of your pathetic useless lives.

@@@@ you!


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What's good about it??
Never used all 6 of them anyways. And the good thing?.... well uber continues it's idiotic,laughable moves. Trust me with Iranian guy you should expect anything good for workers. Believe me I know. Next comes tipping option, and then rate cut. Mark my word.

I didn't receive this. Did you actually get this message or is it a capture from someone else? Anyone else get this?
I got it too. So it's here.


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So they fuber us again. It's gonna be worse than before they changed it to 6 because of the filter expiring after every ride. So only 2 total rides.


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I got it here in LA, but im a OC driver


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