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Driver cancel v. rider cancel


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Immediately after calling an uber, rider sends driver a text through the Uber system to cancel.

Driver replies through Uber text, "You need to cancel."

Rider does not respond, does not cancel, after a few minutes driver cancels so he can close
out the app for a next call.

The cancel rate goes against the driver's stats.

So far, uber support is pretending not to understand the issue, explaining how the driver cancel
policy works (not the question).

Should not this be counted as a rider cancel. There does not seem to be a button for "rider requested cancel" anymore.

Any thoughts on how to get this to show it as a rider cancel?


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You won't be successful getting uber to change this (you could try to go to the greenlight hub but that's probably not going to help).

In the future - in a situation like this, you should drive to the pin, wait 5 minutes and cancel as a no show - that way you get paid. If the rider cancels while you are on the way then it won't count against you and if it's been at least 2 minutes then you will get paid.

Or, if you don't want to drive to the pin, then go online with lyft till they cancel.


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Thank you for the advice, practically it makes sense. But not from a customer service perspective.

There used to be a "Cancel requested by Rider" button, which I think counted it as a rider cancel- any idea what happened to that?


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Part of the loss doing it that way, though, is having to drive to the pin, which could be 5-10miles away, at your expense. And then
risking the rider coming out to argue with you about why you didn't cancel for them. Not to mention the waste of time, both driver and rider.

It seems this is easily resolved from both rider and driver standpoint by just providing a "rider requested cancel" button which
does not count toward driver cancel statistics. But that button has disappeared from the app.

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What @grayspinner said. This is a job, you are trying to make money. If they are close, drive to pin. If you are that worried about confrontation drive around the block while you wait for the timer to expire. Get paid! If it was far away then you shouldn't have taken it in the first place. Passenger requested cancel never got you paid and always counted against you.