Driver banned from picking up at Perth Airport - after being caught defecating


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  • An Uber driver was banned after he was seen defecating on the side of the road
  • A message was sent to the driver telling him he was not able to make pickups
  • The notification states he was seen defecating near Perth Airport on August 22
  • He was told he would not be able to make pick ups from the area as a result

An Uber driver has been locked out of the ridesharing service's system after he was seen defecating on a road near Perth Airport.

Radio Station 6PR posted the message received by the Uber driver who had been banned from picking up near the airport after he was reported for his offensive behaviour.

'Perth Airport has notified us that the Airport believes you have breached the Terms & Conditions for Rideshare Driver Access that you have accepted to be able to receive trip requests from Perth Airport,' the statement reads.