Driver app turning Bluetooth on


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One of the things on the list support sends you for their scripted response to 'not getting trip requests' is '4) Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned off because it can interfere with the signal'.

Something seemingly randomly kept turning Bluetooth back on after I turned it off and I found the rogue app. If you long-press the Bluetooth icon in Settings, then click the 3 dots in the upper left corner of the resulting Bluetooth page, then click 'Bluetooth control history', it gives a list of apps that have turned Bluetooth on or off on their own recently. My misbehaving app was (drumroll) . . . Uber Driver.

So should we keep turning Bluetooth off after the Uber Driver app itself keeps turning Bluetooth on? There is a Help page on 'Uber Beacon', a 'digital icon you place on your dashboard' which needs Bluetooth and changes the color of your Beacon. I just do Ubereats (insane, I know), but maybe this has something to do with that.