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Driver App not putting me online.

Jack Russell

New Member
Im a new driver, with a new Moto G6 phone. The Driver App seems to be running fine, all info shows up, and the GPS is working, but when I hit the blue "GO" button, even though it feels like its working, since the phone vibrates, its not putting me online. The white bar below the "GO' button continues to read' You are offline". Ive tried reinstalling the APP dozens of time, updated the new phone, clear the networks on the phone, and nothing helps. Ive called the UBER help line numerous times, and to say they were not a help is an understatement. Does any driver have a Moto G6 phone, or can offer any assistance in this? Thanks in advance.


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Go to the Green Light hub. If you don't have one nearby, then you have to keep working with Iber support. They need to check on things like are you activated in the right region/state, is your documentation active, is your car active, do you have an outstanding inspection, do you need permits where you are, etc.

Jack Russell

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Thanks. There is one about 40 miles from me, but when I called them a few days ago, they told me Uber pulled all the Green Light Hubs, and they were told to tell everyone just to go to Uber Help for all issues.


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Go into the app,
Click your photo on the top right,
Click on account,
Then click on documents.
Make sure all the items in the document list have a green check mark next to them. If not you can’t go online.
If all your docs are good, call support. Phone support is only as good as the individual you are talking to. Try calling back until you get someone who has the ability and the willingness to help you. Be as polite and cheerful on the phone as possible. If you bring them down, they will find a way not to help you. If all else fails, go to a hub.