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Driver app logs off after 1 hour when open

I leave my app on at home at night to the morning to get airport ping in morning around 4:30-5:30. After update now app logs off when Uber app open after one hour of no pings even when app open and on. Uber is doing everything they can to make it hard as shit to keep things running. I emailed support and their same billshit that it's the way it has always been. WRONG!! I have been doing this a long time now it's changed suddenly.

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I know I'm gonna regret this but as always...
Here goes...


Oh this is BAD


Now I can't even make $ to get a better phone

And I spent whatever I had on a new 12v battery for the prius

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Don't mess with Glendale.

Some of em speak Russian = discount on hacking services...