Driver app is freezing in iPhone


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It's happening to me few times in my day. If it happens to anyone, here is the fix:

You will not be able to toggle between your earnings, ratings and account sections. You won't be able to move the map.

Just kill it and relaunch it. You will find it will be slow to relaunch.

Check it every ten minutes or so to make sure it's not frozen in the background while you're watching all the porn.


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I am running current version 3.169.3 partner app on iPhone 7+ with iOS 11.0 (Build 15A372) and haven't had freezing problem yet.
The app screen seems to have changed to work synchronously from asynchronously, so if your network is slow it may make it look like frozen, I think.

Anyway, switching back to home screen map usually takes 3 seconds at its best.