Driver and Pax Raiting.


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About a week ago or so, I got my weekly Raiting saying I was below average(first time ever). I'm normally between 4.87 - 4.90. Well this time I had a 4.65. But on my app it showed I still had 4.87, it's been like that for a while. I had a pax that congratulated me on my 4.97 raiting. So, what's the real one? Is Uber trying to "scare me" or are they giving us higher raiting so the pax doesn't complain..


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They are suggesting your "Weekly" rating is below average.

The real rating (the rating off all your rides you gave combined no matter length of time) is the one they view to deactivate you.


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I see.. But what about what I see in the app. It shows I have a 4.87 and pax said I have and he showed me a 4.95..