Drive to Macon


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I live in Bonaire and have been driving in and around that area but not many trips or money lol. Is it worth it to go into Macon and wait for trip?


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It's pretty slow all the time everywhere in WR, I pretty much have stopped driving here, the market is way to over saturated with drivers now. You can do fairly well on the weekend nights in Macon if you don't mind dealing with drunks (get some barf bags). I can't speak for Macon during the day though because I only drive nights.

Or you could drive an extra hour north up to Atl, I've always done well there. I will head up there if an evening starts off slow. If you have a quest it is easy to get that knocked out up in Atl as well. Buckhead on Fri-Sat around last call loves surging and stays pretty busy.


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I agree with Blumbelgorge, Warner Robins in very hit and miss............I have a full time job and work in WR from 330p-midnight. after work i hit the gym for about an hour and kick on the app as I drive home back to Reynolds. During the week, if time permits I come to WR maybe an hour or two before i need to be at work and will usually pick up a few rides, and at night, I may do a ride or two on my way home. Friday nights are definitely a little busier but if you stay in WR the bar scene dies out can sometimes stay moderately active in Macon till 330am-400am.

Saturday nights are decent enough...........

The short of it, I do this part time and really only work the busy hours and have been mostly pleased with my results.....

If I was doing this full time and counting on it to pay bills, I wouldn't be wasting my time in Warner Robins OR Macon, Id be driving Atlanta....

And yes, the more popular Uber becomes, the more drivers come online, the less work for everyone......We are all part of the over saturation!

Ive only been driving for three months but everyone says this is the worst time of year......