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Drive in EV mode or roll dice for a tip

Discussion in 'Tips' started by ddelro219, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. ddelro219

    ddelro219 Well-Known Member

    San Jose, cA
    I drive a Camry hybrid and on roads with 35mph or lower speed limits, sometimes I’ll accelerate just enough to stay in EV mode to preserve fuel resulting in less gas costs. Obviously the acceleration can be painfully slow when doing this for those familiar with how some Toyota hybrid systems work.

    Some pax might not appreciate this and may stiff me on a tip. But most pax still don’t tip anyway even when I don’t drive this way.

    So would you say the savings in fuel costs outweigh the chances of a tip?
  2. Signal Twenty

    Signal Twenty Active Member

    south of Tampa, FL
    I drive very conservatively all the time. Riders have their minds made up before the ride - they're either going to tip or not tip. Your driving style probably isn't going to change that. Keep on conserving fuel!
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  3. thatridesharegirl

    thatridesharegirl Well-Known Member

    SF Bay
    There's a lot of articles on PriusChat about fuel economy and maximizing MPG. It's actually more efficient to 'Pulse and Glide'.
    In other words use gas+electric to get to speed then switch to EV to coast. This is because of thermodynamics, entropy, and conservation of energy. Basically, to convert gas energy into electric via regenerative braking, a certain amount of energy is lost (wasted) in the process.

  4. ddelro219

    ddelro219 Well-Known Member

    San Jose, cA
    Interesting. I’ll have to try that method out.

    Although one of my pet peeves when driving have been drivers who can’t maintain the same speed. They pass me up, then slow down, then pass again, then slow down and so on. Maybe this is what they’ve been doing all along.
  5. Mears Troll Number 4

    Mears Troll Number 4 Well-Known Member

    I have blown tips maybe... twice ever. By missing a highway exit and stuff like that.

    Tips are a funny thing, people either tip or they don’t. It has less to do with your performance than the person you are driving.

    Personally.. on the scruber/gryft platforms getting tips is like...

    Praying for good weather...
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