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DC Woman Killed in Head-On Crash Was Lyft Passenger
By Shomari Stone, Abby Vesoulis and Sophia Barnes

A woman killed in a crash over the weekend did nothing more than hail a ride home

The woman killed in a head-on crash in Southeast D.C. early Sunday was a passenger in a Lyft car, her family and the ride-hailing company say.

Talata Williams, of Southeast D.C., died after she was hurt in a crash about 12:30 a.m. Sunday on the 2400 block of Good Hope Road SE, D.C. police said Monday. She was 43.

The Lyft driver and someone driving a pickup truck were seriously injured. Police say the pickup truck driver was responsible for the crash.


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Lyft passenger killed in collision between car, pickup truck over the weekend in D.C.

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A Lyft passenger died after a head-on collision between a car and pickup truck on Sept. 17 in Southeast Washington.

Talata Williams, 43, was identified as the victim, according to Metropolitan Police.

Lyft released a statement Wednesday afternoon on the tragic accident:

Our hearts go out to those affected by this incredibly tragic incident. We are in contact with the family of the driver and are providing our support during this difficult time. We are working to make contact with the family of the passenger. We have also reached out to law enforcement to offer our assistance in any investigation.
Police say a Dodge pickup truck crossed into a lane and hit a Honda Accord causing the car to travel several feet.

Williams died at the scene, and police say the Lyft driver in the Honda, and the driver and passenger in the pickup truck were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries.

The accident took place on Good Hope Road.


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I almost got killed by a pickup turning into me at speed in Silver Spring last week. I had nowhere to go I was stopped and he was coming straight at me doing 50 thru a turn. No way I survive if he hit. Very sad for this lyft driver and passenger.


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I saw the cops and ambulances heading to that accident that night coming home to SE DC from U st. Didn't actually see it. Truly sad. I hope the Lyft driver has good health insurance.


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So many crazy drivers out there, I'm surprised there aren't MORE crazy accidents