drake surges...


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did anyone do rides after the drake concert? on mon i was able to do a $23(not surge) for a couple that got out early to cooper city, returned, and got a 4.0 surge? to coconut creek. it came out to about $100 for 45min

yest i got a 2.2 surge to coral gables. i could of got a better surge but it was not sure what time the concert ended.

best part is that i called them before pick up so the coordination was on point and avoided all traffic.
anyone else was out there from here?


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I was soo mad, not one ping last night. I was in the surge zone at 12:10am and nothing. It must have taken 20-30 mins to drive through that bottle neck traffic! Sigh!!! :/


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Interesting, my screen never showed it went up to 4.6 on either night. We're driving uberX?


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Horrible traffic, but managed 2 surge trips. First was to South Beach, but then activated my "Direction" to go North, and got a second surge ride to Avventura, which took me 2/3 of the way home!