Downtown Bar Pickups


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I received several requests to pickup pax from the Trinity and Harp bars after 2am. However, I had to cancel because the police closed off parts of Juneau by those bars, heading east, and there was no place to park or stop on the other side of Juneau. This happened on Fri the 13th, as well.

Does anyone know if they normally close that area? There were too many cars and pedestrians to even try going ariounf the back way, through Edison, or whatever the street is between those 2 bars. So I just cancelled. It was getting annoying because I had to cancel 4 requests in a row.


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Do what I do...go on the west bound lanes going eastbound to get
I haven’t checked this subsection in a month and never got a notification I had replies.

Thanks for the replies. I learned wks ago from a downtown bartender that area is always closed. That time I posted the question, pax weren’t answering their phones so couldn’t redirect them.

And one night a wk or so ago,, there was an accident in that area. So I just started avoiding it and going to places with less drunks. I want the heavily buzzed riders, not the slobbery and puker drunks.