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I have my full time job and work from home, but the cabin fever was aggravating me, so I decided to jump on Doordash. Grabbed my latex gloves and cloth face mask and decided to work a random Saturday in the Flint, MI area. Used only a quarter tank of gas and added on about 95 miles. Not the best, but not the worse. Most deliveries had people set out the order on the front porch. Very limited human contact.


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Instacart is better..
Yes IC is so much better . When sams club warehouse was open here i use 2 different apps at once i brought in 70 an hour ! no bs .
Now they only sell online orders . If the c19 is in your city yes the grocery store is a place where you going to contract it .
My health sucks so im just staying in my house . Next week im taking chances im going golfing lol . its a huge area no worries.
Food delivery there bringing the food to your car and drop at the door should be very safe .