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Doordash phone policy

Bill Harrowa

New Member
Recently I took a delivery for doordash in which the customer had put a number in the app that didn't accept incoming phone calls Support called me after this and tried to get me to call her directly from my phone. At this point I refused I said the reason we have a relay system is to prevent both drivers and customers from having the others numbers. I would be more than happy to relay messages through support. Support got pretty upset with me and told me I was crappy driver but it did not change my stance about 10 minutes later the customer called me directly from her phone because doordash gave her my number. I only wanted to make this post to let you know because after she had my number if she would have called me through the app I might not have been able to tell her apart from doordash support. And if this is something they've done to me they're probably doing it to other people and it may be a big reason why all the drivers are getting robbed through the app. I have attempted several times to have a resolution with doordash but they refuse to acknowledge my existence. If you have been the subject of fraud through the app you should seriously consider legal action against doordash because they may be or their policies may be responsible for you losing money and if we don't band together to expose these behaviors they will continue indefinitely.