DoorDash and Postmates in Ft Worth


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Driving for these two on a bike, in Fort Worth. Doable? This is simply to keep me staying fit and conditioned while earning a little side cash. Any tips? My bike is ready to go.


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take a spare phone battery. And a handlebar mount for your phone and a mono earphone for directions. Do you have a rack? an insulated pannier to me is better than a backpack. Do they have a bicycle route app? Hope so. Uber's nav app is great but thinks you are a car. Tries to put me on Harry Hines and Central Expressway all the time. Google is slow and cumbersome and the audio doesn't work all the time, but it does have a bicycle function. i don't know anything about downtown Ft. Worth, but density of housing and restaurants in a four mile by four mile box would be good, cuz riding more than 3 miles for a meal and then another 3 or 4 to deliver is kinda hard. Hopefully has good bike lanes. Dallas does not. Now that its cooled off should be ok. Some people like seeing a bike deliver their meal, i guess its makes them feel green or something. not sure why but i like it. but, i like riding a bike. and like the girl i picked up a meal from Back Home BBQ said, you 100% profit!
Here's a good tip (pun) huffing and puffing when they open the door. A good sweat also helps.