Dont you hate it....



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When the media and lyft themselves claim they treat their drivers better? That is total BS, dont you get annoyed when they kep sending you text/emails every few hours threatening you because of your low acceptance rate and the simpliest complaint from a pax! One time a pax said that i was driving away while the car door is open and he was still inside and emailed me that i am flagged and would be deactivated if i receive another similar complaint. To me they are no better than uber or any other apps


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Yeah they have a lot passengers as well under that impression I heard it all the time from passengers " on I use lyft cause they treat the drivers better " lol its all b.s. whatever way you look and turn


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theyre worse than uber and i tell it to my lyft pax, sometimes without even being asked

they are the masters of deception. thats the main way in which they are worse than uber, and it is also the reason they get away with it. $35/hr, anyone? Or perhaps that figure is "before Lyft fees and taxes"
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