Don't hold your breath waiting for older cars to get off the road


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Uber is not eliminating older cars in philly ... at least not ones registered in PA. A NJ driver is allowed by uber to drive in the Philadelphia area. Uber allows 2001 and up cars in NJ. I know several who still drive in Philly everyday but if they get a ride outside the philly area they aren't allowed back online until they are back in the area.


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i took a few long good $$ rides this week as a pass , i would not want to pay over $100 for a driver who has a 2001 car . too many have newer carss i would cancel. we all disagree about uber this and that.. but sorry anything below a very clean 2007 or so 10 years is not right...when i joined 2 years ago . i had to bring an 06 min 2 years ago 2001

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I'm going to disagree. I drive a 2001 Buick LeSabre. It runs perfectly and I'm the second owner. The elderly gentleman that had it before me didn't even rack up 10000 per year! I keep it clean and often receive comments on its cleanliness and comfort.
In honesty, I don't think Uber will let me rideshare past this year so I'm just enjoying the ride and there's no way I'll settle for delivering food only!
I think the best way forward would be to have Uber-designated garages, where cars are inspected to a designated standard. The result of that inspection would decide whether or not a car is fit for purpose.
Having said that, I had a gentleman in the car who pointed out that the age requirement may be due to Uber's insurance coverage. That is, insuring a passenger in a 2010 car may cost a lot less than insuring a passenger in a 2001 vehicle.


I'll just say that after many years in the property/casualty insurance industry, it would be unlikely that Uber's insurance coverage would be heavily influenced by the age of vehicles. As long as a state has safety inspections, an insurer is unlikely to vary the cost of liability insurance based on a few older cars. This could change as more newer cars have crash-avoidance features. However, Uber is almost surely significantly self-insured and James River provides claim administration and fronting. ("Fronting" is the entirely legal process where James River, being licensed in the state, issues the state-compliant policy and Uber agrees by contract to reimburse James River. If Uber defaults, James River is on the hook, but Uber probably has to post collateral that James River can attach if Uber doesn't pay.)

Relative to the large exposure presented by Uber, James River is a pretty small insurance company. It was started by a private equity firm, then went public, then private, then public again.


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I drive an 03 (better kept than alot of 07's and up I'll add) and uber sent me an email saying they're trying to get the law changed to allow 15 year old and newer cars to drive for uber, and said that I should be able to keep driving for awhile.

I stopped doing rideshare anyway, but 15 yrs and newer seems to be the norm in the US anyway. And it's 12 years or newer if you have a hybrid now, which is just moronic. Some senator probably has a climate change chubbie, and wanted to try and prove a point or something