Don't drive tomorrow.


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No gas or spiked prices, it's a loss.

Teach uber to surge shit up when gas prices go up.


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Think I'm going to wait in line again for an hour to get gas (after driving 5 miles to find any) and then burn it up at the normal fare?
Makes no sense. Get outta Dodge or enjoy the last 3 days of life as we know it.

If Uber were smart, they would realize that the drivers need more than normal when gas lines are long and the prices high. Rather then let their moronic surge algorithm go crazy on the public, simply announce that in the current environment, X fares are increased 2.5 times which is about the same as Lux and a taxi. Double XL fares, increase Lux and Lux SUV fares by 50%.

Everybody makes money and the Lux drivers would be more inclined to do X trips. Of course if you're still driving at these rates, both Uber and the public are happy.
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