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Don't Do eats

Discussion in 'Advice' started by UberDave1, May 17, 2018.

  1. UberDave1


    New York
    everything about this is a money loser for drivers.
    it takes longer and pays less
    Uber does not know when restaurants and bars close, they force orders after closing, you get there and no order, and no pay, Uber will not pay you

    I picked up an order in a township where there is only paid parking, I was forced to pay the $1 in order to complete the delivery. I thought for sure Uber would add this $1.00 to the customer's bill and reimburse me. I spoke to an agent and his supervisor and they refused to pay what they owe.
    I can not afford to pay a customers parking fee for his delivery, its ridiculous to put that on the driver.
  2. Atom guy

    Atom guy

    Eats is at best a fill in during the slow times. I frequently turn Eats off and just to regular Uber. I also turn Eats off whenever I get near the city, for exactly the reasons you state - having to pay for parking, having to walk to the restaurant. Screw that.

    I only do Eats during the lunch hours and late afternoons.
  3. dogmeat


    It usually only surges on the weekend in my area, and if it does, it's not for long. Last week I had a delivery aka UberEats Quest. It was also boosting 1.4x-2.1x.

    On my 10 deliveries, I earned $157.77 ($20 from tips, $40 from quest). Much better than base fares with UberX.

    If there's a decent boost/quest it's a pretty good deal.
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  4. Doing UberEats in a downtown city is not worth it, because of parking situation. I almost got a ticket for illegal parking, luckily i came out in time that the police didn’t write the ticket. I now Uber Eats in a wealthy area on a main road only plenty of parking and good tips sometimes up to $20.
  5. Eats stays off on my app
  6. AMP


    Greenville, SC
    Remember. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

    Where I'm at (Greenville SC), there are no freebies(Bonus, Promotions, etc.) What we get make, we work for it. We can either work our ads off for 12 hours or work smart for 6 hours.

    Now back on track. All food delivery jobs are fillers. I repeat. All food delivery jobs are fillers.

    Prime time and Surges happen like clock work here. I keep Lyft and Uber off until they pop up. When they go away, off go the apps again.

    But instead of sitting there making no money until that happens. I deliver food. I know where every restaurant is based on my location at the time. I know where every parking garage and delivery parking space is downtown. Parking garage has the 1st hour free

    Also .You should know when every restaurant closes. If you know its closed, don't accept trip. If you know you can't get to restaurant before it closes, don't accept the trip.
  7. Coachman


    Ubereats is permanently off on my app. Every once in a while they try to sneak an eats ride in on me but I don't take the bait. I just ignore it and turn eats back off. My very last Ubereats ride took half an hour, including a wait at McDonalds, to an apartment complex, up the stairs, to deliver a cheeseburger to a hungover loser who didn't know what address he was at, for $3.60 and no tip. That was it.
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