Don't Be A Fool!


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Wow I finally got off my butt to get the 200% surge and it turned into 50%. I hate this job.


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The higher the surge, the less chance I'll get a PING. When the little "Prime Time" window decreases to 25%, or goes away totally, that's when my pickup pings happen. I've had 3 Prime-Time (aka Surge) passengers out of the last 20 or so.


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Yeah that happens with Uber a lot too, or there's no surge at all...

Just wait till there are no cars around at all, then they will take it. Patience. You really need to know what you're doing with at high demand periods - Lyft gave us the "last ride" option to immediately sign off, use it. Then go where you need to go. You should always be going offline to reduce supply. Lyft's algorithm is much more supply sensitive than UBer's is - Uber seems to go on surge just when there are demand spikes, regardless of the number of available cars. Figuring out what Lyft is doing with theirs is a lot simpler and I've posted about it before.