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Donie Who Cried Wolf

Discussion in 'Other' started by Maven, May 16, 2017.

  1. Maven

    Maven Well-Known Member

    Donald Trump has a perfectly reasonable explanation about what happened in the Oval Office with his Russian guests. And he's backed up by the few people in his administration that still have any credibility like H.R. McMaster, the National Security Advisor. Yet lots of people still do not believe this explanation is true. Why does there seem to be a "witch hunt" out to get Trump? Let's examine, who's who.
    • About 30% of die-hard Trump supporters still believe almost everything that Trump says.
    • About 30% hate and despise Trump and all he stands for. They remember how the Republicans treated then President Obama and feel fully justified doing the same things to any Republican who won the election. Trump just happens to be that guy.
    • About 40% are in "the middle" (like me), independents, and those rare creatures, moderates of both parties. They try not to pay attention since their own lives are far more important. Yet, they are constantly bombarded by the "decision makers". Who are they?
    • 17 American Intelligence Agencies, who the government depends on for regime change, spying, counter-intelligence, and much more. Any smart politician will avoid pissing them off. Donald on the other hand has gone out of his way to piss them off, with entirely predictable results.
    • The national press expects a love-hate, adversarial relationship with any President. They depend of the President to generate news that generate ratings and bring in advertiers. Traditionally, they will report almost verbatim anything said by the White House. However, Donald has launched unprecedented attacks on the media in general and leading journalists in particular. The media is energized and focused like they have not been since the Nixon years to fight back.
    • It is hard to take most bloggers defending Trump in the non-traditional media seriously. They generally are too long-winded, have poor production quality and mix in various racist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic, Luddite, dystopian diatribes with discredited conspiracy theories. Their audience already supports Trump. They are not reaching the independents and undecideds.
    • Not a single Democratic Senator or Representative is defending Trump. The Republicans in Congress, who you might expect to defend Trump, see their reelection chances decrease with every new scandal. Their defense of Trump, initially passionate, has become muted, pro-forma and "lukewarm".
    • Instead of being united in support of President Trump, the White House staff has divided into camps supporting power-centers: Bannon, Priebus, Ketchner, etc. They constantly leak stories to hurt the rival factions, which inadvertently end up hurting and infuriating Trump.
    Then there's the simple fact that Donald has a long history of lying. This has been demonstrated and proven again and again. Not only Donald has been caught in both lies and scandals, but his family and most of the White House staff, too. Many times the lies are not even difficult to disprove. Sometimes Donald himself makes public statements proving that his defenders in the administration have been lying.

    The constant drum beat of new scandals and lies is slowly, but surely damaging Trump further. The larger problem is that all the attention, focus and energy of the administration is becoming increasingly dedicated to defense rather than pursuing their political agenda. Effectively, "freezing their initiative" will steal any chance of significant legislation until even Trump's base sees unending failure instead of "So many wins that you'll get sick of it."

    The sad situation is that, like the "boy who cried wolf" who lied so many times, even when Donald is telling the truth and should be believed, he is not.
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