Done with Sky Harbor


I won't do pick ups there again. Sick of the dumbass at Terminal 4 rideshare 1 north checking my waybill every single time. And the fat ass that drives around the waiting lot. So far he's stopped 3 times to give me warnings. The first time he told me my trade dress wasn't high enough. Second time he tells me I'm one inch over the line in a parking spot. Third time he tells me uber drivers can only park in the spots near the fence. The center spots are for buses and super shuttles. "They're painted long for a reason. Uber have to be in the small spots by the fence. If the lot is full you'll have to come back later."

I just drove off. Not worth it.


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Just tell that fat a$$ that Gov. Douchy and Mayor Stanton are in the sack with Goober and he better leave you alone or he could lose his job.

He's probably making about what we are and you know everybody wants to be somebody so this is his opportunity. Don't let it bother you. Don't let him stop you from making all that money. Lol


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That is mall cop. Guy is an animal.

I wouldn't take it personally, he tells everyone to clean up their park job and get out of the bus spaces. He also incessantly checks credentials, but I guess not anymore since the Taliban is probably welcome to hang out in c-lot as long as they have an Uber sticker in there window. I am surprised his head hasn't exploded since June 18th.


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I havnt had any issues but I didn't park on the line and in the bus spots. I see cars in their all the time smh total mall cop trying to feel important