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Said on here last week Ubers going into survival mode. Uber will continue the recruit, use, disposal of drivers. New CEO clear mission is to get this to an IPO in 2-3 years. So the game continues with a bit better perception tipping, etc. That's why I can't see this company not failing in the end. For many reasons, but certainly due to its poor treatment of its service providers. Maybe it's time to start assisting in Ubers failure, rather then there success? That's the problem with this failed rigged gig. As a driver you will never truly benefit by any of Ubers success.

Curious if Uber will address raising fuel prices, or even acknowledge them? Uber believes there better off with self driving then drivers themselves. Once Uber enters the real world, they will realize how much there is to burden.
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No boosts, 3 dollars a gallon gas,shit pax. Beyond ridiculous. You guys can have the roads, no ty. Hope this gets fixed soon