Don’t send me corny messages just do your job

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We don't beg because we don't need to. We provide good service and is rewarded with tips. We get the occasional a-hole that doesn't tip because they can't afford it financially but try to play it off like yourself. I can spot scrubs like you from a mile away. Do us all a favor and stop ordering UE because you can't afford it and it puts a financial strain on you and that is why I understand that you're unable to tip. For you, you get your next order with extra crotch sweat free of charge 🤭.
Actually, I make $1,000 day but thanks, and I never said I don’t tip as I do. In fact a couple hours ago I just got ANOTHER push notification from the guy who wished me a beautiful sleep thanking me for my tip.
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I should've known that you're a woman. Now I know it's futile to argue with you. At first I had flashbacks about the canuck that I beat up at the Giants baseball game i went to last year. I smashed canuck face in the parking lot and yes, the canuck proved to be a coward all talk. Sort of like a keyboard warrior like yourself. You wouldn't dare say these things to the driver's faces which makes you coward too like the canuck dude with rearranged face in parking lot.
Considering your heritage El No Impulse Control, I’m sure you’d love to beat up my white gringa face but I ordered a silent ride 🤷🏼‍♀️
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warning: I used talk to text long run sentences and spelling mistakes. I am very upset because a SIMPLE order was messed up.

What’s with all these Uber drivers sending me these corny messages if I’m ordering food I’m hungry I don’t need a play-by-play of what you’re doing and I don’t wanna be mean because I understand you’re just trying to do a good job and I appreciate that but I’m getting these messages like hey there I picked up the food I’m on my way I hope you’re having a great day hi I just dropped off your food I hope you have a really great day and if you like my service please give me a thumbs up just drop the food off that’s it don’t send me corny messages especially since I just ordered from Starbucks and somehow they managed to mess up my order which was just two Frappuccino’s how on earth you mess that up? I had to call and complain because I’m so upset that they messed up my cheat day with the caramel crunch frappe had no crunch and no caramel same with the other drink there so careless really pisses me off.

I’m back to rant more what do you guys expect me to do have a big long texting conversation with you while you’re delivering my food because I don’t want that it’s actually the opposite of what I want I just want my food and I wanted to be made correctly especially simple drink orders on my cheat days here is a copy of this text this is an example of today obviously I took out the name of the person you can see how damn annoying this is I don’t want to text you back just deliver the food!!!

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