Don’t be jealous. Try to make more than me !!!!



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Maybe it's him or maybe not. If it was him, he would've posted the screenshot on 11/04

Average ride amount ($32) is quite high if you are only doing shared or regular Lyft

Anyways awesome weekly numbers


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So ,week from 28 October to 3 November I did more than $4000 on LYFT that’s way I am shills for LYFT . So ,by week more than NYPD officers or TLC officers or teachers. What you think about it??? View attachment 379043
I love it! Only one word of advice! Save some money for your medical bills.
sitting in a car for 16 hours a day will give you High Blood Pressure problems in no time 🐜🐜🐜🤣
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Thas not him I saw this screenshot about a week ago on Facebook group.
Let him be happy 😂
Inshur New York