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Dollar Surge

Discussion in 'Surge' started by Buddywannarideagain, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Buddywannarideagain

    Buddywannarideagain Well-Known Member

    Charlotte has had dollar surge for 3 months. This may be coming your way.

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  2. Rakos

    Rakos Well-Known Member

    Tampa Bay
    That's crap...!!!
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  3. UberBastid

    UberBastid Well-Known Member

    that's the shortest HaiKu I ever seen from you Rakos.
    you ok buddy?
  4. Mista T

    Mista T Well-Known Member

    If Uber finds that to be more profitable, that's what they have planned for widespread rollout.
  5. heynow321

    heynow321 Well-Known Member

    this is EXACTLY how they are transferring surge from the drivers to themselves. passengers still pay 3x surge rates or whatever but you, the pathetic desperate ant, get an added $1.50.

    you drivers over there NEED TO DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GAME THE SYSTEM AND SHOW BOOBER THAT **** WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. do NOT work big events. If you get a long ride, drop the passenger off outside the surge zone and tell them to order another one. this is WIN WIN b/c the passsenger will be outside the surge zone and it will be cheaper for them and YOU are not getting screwed.
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  6. himynameis

    himynameis Member

    Making real money with uber was always a dream now it's time to wake up
  7. hulksmash

    hulksmash Well-Known Member

    Inland Empire
    They saw all those big money screenshots of trips drivers would post and got jealous themat they weren’t getting more of it
  8. Failed Login

    Failed Login Member

    The fixed dollar is awful. We've had it since early October in Charlotte and they won't take it back to the old way. They do charge the customer a surge by the multiplier but give us the fixed amount showing in the surge map. It's often $1.25, $2.50, etc. Seldom is it double digits. Very seldom. The first weekend, I had a $56 or so ride where I got $13. Even on the minimum trip, a $1.25 surge give you only 1.5x surge. And that's the shortest minimum ride, which I may get 1 per Saturday night when I drive. It definitely works against us. Not even close. And the surge area moves as much or more than before.

    I get many requests from riders in a surge area and I, the driver, am outside the red area. if I accept it, I get no surge money. None. So naturally, I let it expire. I don't hit "No Thanks" because I want the rider to wait as long as possible. We all know some of their big metrics are how quick a rider gets their request accepted and how long they have to wait for a ride. I've tuned down as many as 20 riders in a night before (the night it snowed heavy here? I was 30 minutes from the airport and getting constant requests. All but one rider I picked up that night said they'd tried many times to get a car and their app would say no UberX in the area. That killed their stats. And the biggest surge I got that night, $4, on a 22 mile trip. The next morning when the roads were still I turned down 12 more due to distance. I've asked them 15+ times on the phone and through Help how those metrics have been affected by this new surge as many of us don't accept rides until we get in the zone ourselves. No one will tell me. Even worse, the driver support folks have no idea we are under this method. When you call, they thing you're an idiot and you have to explain it to every single one. They recently took our Green Light center away and no one wonders why...

    Also, you can't see the surge area unless you go online. it used to then disappear once you went offline; however, they touted a couple of weeks ago that "surge maps viewable offline again!" to us here. Problem is, you still have to go online, then if there is surge in the area, you go offline and you still see the map. Only it's static, it doesn't change. The map stays the same until you go online and realize the surge is long gone. It's very deceitful.

    I just do this late Saturday nights for my girls college fund, so not critical to me. But good luck if the rest of you in other cities get this.
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  9. UberBastid

    UberBastid Well-Known Member

    just a few more months for me
    I need to make Uber last for just a FEW MORE MONTHS.
  10. UberwhoIaM

    UberwhoIaM Well-Known Member

    Central Jersey
    That's an insult. Why would you continue to drive unset that surge model? Any driver accepting that is part of the problem.

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