Dog in a Purse, Mr. Plump and a Trip to Blizzard HQ (the video game company)!


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Today started just like the previous days, slow, penniless, pretty much boring here in OC/LA. Since I couldn't really start working yet until I drove a housemate to work, I just decided to go out in the morning and see if I could get some medium distance rides that will allow me to get back home in time before the other person had to be driven to work. I filled up my car with gas and then parked at my favorite spot at the gas station. Suddenly, another Uber driver showed up and parked perpendicular to me, blocking my way. There were many other parking spots so I have no idea why the hell he chose to block my path. I just continued listening to my music and watched the other guy as he went to the store. When he got back, instead of moving his car, he decided to just sit there and do nothing. I'm not really a confrontational type of person so I just continued watching him and imagining what kind of a terrible driver he is.

Later, the other Uber driver left and I received a $7 ride request, which I took. I arrived at the pick up location and I saw an old lady. After the usual greeting, we started heading to her destination. Suddenly, I heard her saying something like "Oh my baby, baby!" so I wondered what in the world was going on. When I looked at the rear mirror, I saw a dog's head suddenly pop out from her purse! It's my first time seeing a dog in a purse lol! Anyway the dog was very quiet and didn't cause any problems, thankfully. I'm pretty sure that wasn't a service animal. What do you even call a dog in a purse? After getting the lady and her dog to their destination, I immediately blasted the back seat with Mr. Clean disinfectant just to make sure no weird doggie germs were left behind. Just as I was going back home, I received another $7 ride request, fortunately going also to my area! It was a sleepy headed lady who asked me if it's ok to sleep while we went to her place. No problem! The more quiet my passenger, the better! There was some bad traffic though due to some construction going on.

I finally got back home, drove the other person to work, and I was finally able to start working seriously. I received another $7 ride request, this time it's a big jolly dude. He seriously looked like Santa Claus or Dr. Robotnik from those Sonic games! Anyway it seemed that he was a really old guy. He told me about his younger days when there were still no tvs around and the planes still used propellers. Then I learned from him that Knott's Berry Farm already existed before Disney! Strange that Knott's Berry Farm didn't become more famous. Then he talked about Kobe and the people who were in the plane with him. He started saying about how it's important to appreciate life because you really never know when you're gonna die and you have to appreciate what you have. He said his friends have either died already or they're not fully functional anymore, so he's thankful that he's still healthy. When he said this, I kinda choked a bit because I'm pretty sure he wasn't at a healthy weight. He probably meant he's happy that he's still able to move on his own.

After him, I got a few more $6 or $7 rides but it was still considerably slow. I decided to go to Santa Ana because maybe there were more people there at that time, but suddenly I got a ride request from a hotel! It's around $12 worth so I went for it of course! When I picked up the guy and saw the name of the destination, I noticed it's actually the Blizzard company's headquarters in Irvine! Cool! I asked him if he worked there, he said Blizzard is his client for some business stuff. Interesting! Anyway, Blizzard's security is really tight! Unlike other company gates where they allow Uber cars to go in to drop passengers, you can only actually drop the passenger near the guard stationed at the gate and they'll only let that person in! My passenger said he's not even done with his trip because after he gets a badge and access to the place, he'll then have to walk somewhere around 15 minutes to another building. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait for him because you're not allowed to wait there. After that, I decided to just go home since it was already getting dark. Later, I found out he gave me a tip! What a nice guy!

Oh yeah, the guy coughed a little bit... I sure hope it's not that coronavirus. I immediately disinfected the car with the Mr. Clean disinfectant after getting home.


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If I had that many back to back low paying trips I would have called it a day and crawled back into bed.....
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