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Does your insurance company know you Uber?? What if......

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by Kaz, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Tx rides

    Tx rides Well-Known Member

    Well we aren't a cab company. We are a "black car/limo" company. We have had our act together all along, we have played by the ridiculous rules in the city, which have prevented us from providing the very service these guys are providing when targeting large venues at surge rates.

    Uber cannot beat taxi rates "hands down" for the long haul without ridiculous surge pricing for the return trip, which puts them in competition with us. It simply cannot be done: there will never be enough drivers on the streets willing to haul people for a few bucks 24 hours a day, within a 10 minute arrival time, assuming the risks! Eventually, the only people stupid enough to do that will be the very drunks they are supposed to be picking up!! Lmao!!!
  2. scrurbscrud

    scrurbscrud Well-Known Member

    I'm just sayin' that nobody can justify the fleet expense of dealing with employees and reg. issues to deal with surge times. It can't be done. It would be financial suicide.
  3. Tx rides

    Tx rides Well-Known Member

    You know, they could have approached this a little differently. They could have used the Execucar model, downsized to cover non- luxury vehicles. They could have challenged regulations such as fleet specification, number of cars required, advance reservation minimums, etc. these are the regulations which most people would quickly agree to abandon, because they have absolutely nothing to do with safety, or availability. Again, I remain completely unimpressed by the alleged business acumen of this company, unless the objective is a short sell
  4. Tx rides

    Tx rides Well-Known Member

    Well, these are the issues which many city regulators have forced on companies. Those were the regulations which should have been challenged and removed for all. Instead of coming to town and joining forces with companies like ours which have tried to get these regulations removed for all, they came in requesting, (make that demanding), to have special exemptions. The special event permitting process in Austin is absolutely ridiculous, and should bring great shame to the city regardless of the type of transportation fleet. We could have been a great ally/affiliate. Instead, we detest them because of their tactics.
    I tend to look at every competitor as a potential ally, because during peak seasons, we are all in the mess together. Uber has worked very hard to draw a line we are guaranteed to never cross.
    Dumb, dumb, dumb.
  5. scrurbscrud

    scrurbscrud Well-Known Member

    Jes between me and you I have no problem with some of that surge money trickling down to the little people where it belongs. To have these needs serviced by large conglomerates always ends up in a train wreck of poor service and over pricing. It won't take much tweaking to get ride share on track imho.

    Drivers themselves can take care of themselves. That's the way it landed in my prior biz life. That's the way it'll land here.

  6. Tx rides

    Tx rides Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, I understand the drivers need surge rates. But THAT is not the model Uber sold to the public. (Better, cheaper, faster than a cab)
    Better? Maybe. Faster? Sometimes. Both, CHEAPER than a cab? No way. Then, once they hit more than 3x rates for airport runs, they are competing with us.
    As she said in that movie: "we're older, and we have more insurance"!!!
    :D Besides if one is going to pay those rates, with our company they will always get a pro. Someone who has been trained. Someone who knows the city with minimal reliance on GPS. Even though those drivers may be available with Uber, a pax has no way to request them directly.(another negative aspect for good drivers)

    IMO this is another tech company with no sense of the business demands. We saw this in the 90s, and few survived. We will see it again. They need to heed their own advice: adapt, or die.
  7. scrurbscrud

    scrurbscrud Well-Known Member

    We all know pretty well by now that that arrangement is going to be a very short lived deal on these low rates. It will die it's own well deserved death. And rightfully so. Just like there are far fewer Amway people. Today they are just dupes. UberX drivers are just dupes who can run the simplest of math or consider their real risks. Once of few of them get their asses handed to them on a platter and it goes viral, that should about do the trick.

    Nuthin' personal to drivers, but there is very little 'easy money' in this world. You either protect your own ass or the system will take you down sooner rather than later and that will come.

    Indeed. That's the only thing that makes it lucrative at this point because the cabs just can't handle it. Fact.
    I'd expect that to survive the game, anyone left will have to have game to survive with. Personally I kinda like having an english speaking driver. Not saying this is the deal in your area, but it is the case in a lot and that has been part of the Uber appeal.

    I'd generally agree. And professional service will always have it's place. I know many business people who will only go UberBlack or SUV.
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  8. Brady

    Brady Well-Known Member

    Grand Rapids & Chicago
    The insurance industry is just beginning to catch up with ride sharing. A very few companies right now are offering hybrid policy for ride sharing drivers that is beyond coverage for personal use in a personal vehicle but isn't a full commercial policy. I'm not aware that any of the major companies such as Progressive, Geico, State Farm, etc. offering these policies yet. I suspect that within the year, all off them will have policies tailored for ride sharing drivers. That's going to decrease our ambiguity/risk but increase operating costs for drivers. Regardless, no UberX driver should transport more than four passengers. I frequently get requests to driver more than 4 passengers. I tell them that they need to order an additional Uber.
  9. scrurbscrud

    scrurbscrud Well-Known Member

    Anyone who says the above simply hasn't checked. Call a professional commercial insurance broker and find out you're wrong.
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  10. Saanvi

    Saanvi New Member

    Make sense .. I think Im done with Uber .. to risky .. Criminal cases if some one catch .. No insurance ... for some extra money taking this much risk not worth ...

    How much i make per week .. 600$ -150$(gas)-Tax- car usage = may be 300 ... on top of that ratings . too many illegal things .. risk is too high . one fine day we will have to face some accidents as we are keep driving late nights
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  11. Tx rides

    Tx rides Well-Known Member

    Of course it will increase costs. The risk is increased. One if the warning signs to industry leaders has been the willingness of thousands of drivers to throw caution to the wind on their dime.
  12. Berliner

    Berliner Active Member

    That´s it. When Uber startet in Berlin /Germany the rates were (converted):

    Base: $ 2.00
    Mile: $ 1.25
    Min: $ 0.32

    Minimum Fare Ride: $ 5.00
    Cancellation Fee: $ 5.00

    After the judgment from our court that this is illegal without commercial insurance, DL for public transport and concession for the car, they tranfered to a real Rideshare-Community. That means here: only gas, oil and tires are allowed to be deducted.

    The new rates, before cut, are now:

    Base: $ 0.00
    Mile: $ 0.44
    Min: $ 0.00

    Minimum Fare Ride: $ 0.00
    Cancellation Fee: $ 0.00

    Result: no Uber in town.
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  13. scrurbscrud

    scrurbscrud Well-Known Member

    That's about the actual fare for total miles that UberX drivers get here. Funny how that works huh? Drivers are too dense to get the picture tho.
  14. Worcester Sauce

    Worcester Sauce Well-Known Member

    Worcester Massachusetts
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  15. scrurbscrud

    scrurbscrud Well-Known Member

    Drivers who don't have insurance suited for this work:

  16. Bart McCoy

    Bart McCoy Well-Known Member

    Waldorf, MD
    i was wondering about how Uber does the deal where u can get a car for $1,000 via Santander
    now of course these cars have full coverage
    the whole crux of this deal is that you will be leasing to car to do Uber. so when you buying the car do you tell the insurance you're getting a car off a Uber promo?
    kinda amazing how this is a "Uber" car arrangement,and insurance compaines are insuring new cars to do the ubering....
  17. lmitch54

    lmitch54 New Member

    How is it possible for the insurance company to find out you are ridesharing, if I don't tell them??
  18. yojimboguy

    yojimboguy Well-Known Member

    Madison, WI
    Somebody looks into your vehicle registration and sees Uber's insurance listed for some reason.

    A family member mentions it to your insurance adjuster.

    Somebody notices an Uber logo on your dash or windshield.

    Somebody sees the Uber app open on your phone.

    You have an Uber accicent, but Uber's insurance company contacts your private company for some reason, like to pick up part of the costs for some reason.

    Some people claim there is a big list of Uber drivers available to insurance companies. I have no idea if this is true.
  19. Aris

    Aris Member

    San Francisco
    So does the Uber insurance cover when doing a trip? What do you tell your insurance company if the asked how many miles you have on you vehicle? Your mileage is recorded anytime you have work done to it, even getting an oil change.
  20. Older Chauffeur

    Older Chauffeur Well-Known Member

    Simi Valley Ca
    Uber's insurance appears to lean more toward protecting the company (no surprise there, right?) and the pax than the driver. There are several places where you can read how the coverage works, but basically they have a million dollar liability policy from the time you accept a trip to its conclusion. Where you are in CA, state law requires that they have liability insurance for the "gap" that occurs when you have the app on but are waiting for a ping, and your personal insurance doesn't cover for hire use of your vehicle. A TNC rider or rideshare policy is definitely the way to go.
    Uber's comprehensive and collision insurance has a $1000 deductible when it comes to fixing your car.
    As to the mileage issue, my insurer (AAA) asks for odometer readings before each renewal. There is wording in there that says they can require me to bring my cars in for visual confirmation, but they've never done that. I know they do check the mileage showing at each smog inspection, because they have told me that in the past. (They also emphatically state that they don't cover any type of for hire use, be it for pax, food, papers or whatever.) If there is some data base where service odometer readings are stored by VIN, I guess insurance companies could have access to it.
    I guess the bottom line is don't lie to your insurance company, about anything. It might be considered fraud.

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